Amjad Gulzar

President / Founder Pastor Amjad Gulzar

About Us Pastor Amjad is a renowned religious leader in Pakistan, admired for his commitment to the Christian faith and dedication to promoting education, peace, interfaith dialogue, and social justice. As a servant of God, he works tirelessly to raise future generations for the Kingdom of God and create a better world. Respected for his focus on child rights, minority rights, and interfaith harmony, Pastor Amjad establishes institutions to improve literacy and empower minority communities. He actively supports vulnerable populations by creating rescue centers providing essential services to those in need. Blessed with two children, Pastor Amjad continues to serve communities across Pakistan, inspiring many with his leadership and compassion.

Sajida Yousaf


Mrs Sajida Amjad teach them to love others, with the love that God the Father gives. We teach not only spiritual values, but also having a practical approach in their daily way of living. In this way, we are supporting the construction of a worthy, solid and righteous community of God fearing people.