Vision and Mission

We envision a world where every orphan experiences the love they deserve and is empowered to make a positive impact for Christ.
Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the lives of orphans by sharing the love of God and the support of a caring family, providing them with a nurturing environment to grow and thrive.

Our Values

1-Spirit-led: We prioritize seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit in all our actions and decisions.
2-Prayerful: We are committed to a strong foundation of prayer, recognizing its importance in our ministry.
3-Accountability: We maintain transparency and responsibility in everything we do.

 Statement of Faith

As followers of Jesus Christ, we serve Him by offering compassionate care to orphans. Our Statement of Faith aligns with the great historic confessions of the true church of Jesus Christ. We believe in the importance of demonstrating Christ's love and teaching biblical values to the children we serve, fostering their spiritual growth and connection with God.

YOU have the power to spread the gospel and impact the lives of our dear brothers and sisters across the globe.

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes." - Romans 1:16 ​​​​